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TEA LOVER? Got a gift for you :)

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Tea lover? Passionate? I am…. and I love detox products too, but it’s not easy to find the right one.

But I did!  You will love TEAMI, just have a look

You can choose among many different teas, depending on your needs and taste.

Energy, Skinny, Detox, Alive….

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have a wonderful day.

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Explode the galaxy in you



Nowadays, we’re rushing off all day. Work, family, home… social life? We’re bombed with a clear message: “Rush, hustle, work, work, work, be better, be more, work more.” and it’s OK because work and effort is the basis to any empire.

But you must find a balance. Your soul need releasing too. A little moment for you, no matter what it means. For some will be staying for a while alone with jazz on. For others, will be having a beer (or two) with a good friend. Maybe, what you need is to drown in your loved one.

If they say everyone is a world, we can assume every couple is an entire galaxy.

I like that idea. Because a galaxy is a waltz between fragile, volatile and vaporous creatures and hard, heavy, strong rocks and ashes crushing against each other.  They cannot exist without one another. They could neutralize themselves but beyond that, they find a perfect match where to sweep along and set free their deepest and darkest nature. Not because of that, less beautiful and intense.

The result is a floating ocean of different shades of dark colors shinning through balls on fire, spinning around and racing eternally, fusing their inner energies to feed off each other. Alone, they are nothing but lost creatures. Together, they create an amazing source of such an unstoppable blizzard.

Find your galaxy. It’s in your deepest coffin, waiting for you.

Are you looking for inspiration? Silence me not. The Evolutionary Mind


Vinyl Decals

One of our obligations is to spread the word and share inspiration and thoughts with all people willing to listen and learn, like me.


And I always try to show you all other writers’ work and sources. That’s part of my work.

The Evolutionary Mind is a place where to find tools and resources to make the most of your life. Tips, tricks, advice, thoughts to inspire your whole world.the-evolutionary-mind-store-decal-1

The founder is an amazing writer who’s definitely worth reading, and some selected guest authors complement his work, for giving you an excellent motivation and empowerment.

Now they’re expanding limits and you can find a new store at the site,

By now you can find great vinyl decals “Silence Me Not” to show the world you’re making life count.


All decals are free-shipping


I really encourage you to have a look, you’ll enjoy the visit and get great inspiration for every single shade of your life.



Face your worst enemy. Face your beast.


When you let go, and free yourself from the burden on your shoulders, you can never expect what’s going to grow from that garden.

We’re fed with conventionalism, prejudices, some rules, culture, a judging society… and our worst enemy: ourselves.

Sometimes (not every life, not to everybody) happens to appear some element in your way, that breaks the chains of your inner animal and, maybe in that moment, you’re not able to realize. But slowly, it takes possession of you, like a warm, crawling liquid in your veins.
Suddenly, you find yourself saying things, taking decisions or positions that you would never have.

When you say or do something and immediately you think… “what was that”?

THERE. There is your intrinsic beast taking the reins. There it is, marking its territory, saying “wave goodbye and abandon. I’m here to make your life much intenser, sensorial, true and… worth living.”

Get rid of disappointment

The Bold Mom Disappointment.jpg

Disappointment is a very dangerous feeling. You can’t control it once it takes possession of you.

We all know, the main cause of it is expecting the others react as you would. Anyways, we can’t help it.

When you fight, you want to fought for.

When you help, you want to be helped back.

When you understand others, you don’t want to be judged.

When you love fiercely, you want to be loved back.

So…. is there something we can do to avoid it? Yes, of course we can but, as everything important and though in life, you need effort, sacrifice and discipline. Untie yourself from the need of reward from others.

It’s easy to say, but very complicated to reach. That’s because we need to feel appreciated and others to notice our work. Whether business, personal, emotional,…

It’s been hard for me to get to that point. And still there’s times I have to take hold of my ego and burn it down.

A good start for you can be being proud of what you have done, become, noticing your mistakes and being humble, but don’t be unfair to yourself. Find out everything to be proud of yourself, and when you start loving yourself first (in a sane way, we don’t need more narcissists), you will also stop needing anyone else’s approval.

So you won’t be more fulfilled and less disappointed in all views of your life.